Let's rethink it all...

The economic chaos that is crippling all of us personally, publicly and politically has become an inspiration for some at church to rethink everything. Remember that great old Bob Dylan song, "Everything is Broken?" Well... I'm not saying that EVERYTHING is broken but everything is up for grabs!

And that is a genuine blessing for this congregation because it is going to give us the permission to really become a blessed church. Not without more struggle - even a fight - and not without pain. But we have neither the resources or energy to "play" at being church anymore. Time has come to either BE a community of compassion that trusts deeply, prays boldly and gathers people together in love or... let's quit now.

But my leadership team is sensing that God is asking us NOT to quit - not to fake it - to really go deeper and take risks in faith, hope and love. You would almost think Brian McLaren was talking to us...

Instead it is everyday women and men saying these thing - people who have been pushed by the chaos into both the promise and joy of Christ's faith - hmmmm... can't wait to see what happens at our annual meeting next week!


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