A long and winding road...

We took a long and winding road from Pittsfield to Poughkepsie today... and it was beautiful. The stark winter terrain is much like the desert at this time of year: clear browns and greys against barren trees or clearings. Plaintive. Open. Clarifying. It was also beautiful to have two full hours of quiet and conversation with the woman I love.

Visiting with Di's old friend was sweet in its own understated way: Jon is caring for an aging and increasingly frail mother with Alzheimer's. He shares this act of mercy with two sisters. Our lunch was just a little break along the way - a chance for old friends to reconnect - a time for three middle age hippies to talk, enjoy good food and a little tenderness before getting back to the grind.

As we traveled home, the after effects of last month's ice storm was shocking: mile after mile of trees split and broken and dying in the bitter cold. There is another 12 inches of snow predicted in the next 24 hours. It is good to periodically take a break on the long and winding road for some down time, conversation and affection because tomorrow it is likely that the blizzard will arrive.


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