Two weddings and a funeral...

My dearest friend in ministry, the late Ray Swartzback, used to say that this work was a total emotional roller coaster - and man was he right. As I prepare for a little Sabbath break I am also aware that I have two weddings to do this weekend in addition to Sunday worship - and a funeral.

I am so grateful for this strange, wild, weird and unpredictable calling of a job that takes me up and down and everywhere in between all in the same day. Today I did a wedding rehearsal, reviewed music for Sunday worship, met with different people about how to deal with the spread of gang violence in our pretty little city, wrestled with the reality of our impending family funeral, wrote to an old friend/love about the wounds in my life/heart and laughed with another wedding party as they embraced deep and innocent joy. Made me think of my favorite Cinematics song, "All Things to All Men." To everything there is a season... turn, turn, turn.


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