A day for gratitude...

Let me share a confession: I have a totally SWEET little band - and I am FILLED with gratitude. They are hard working, talented and SOOOO much freakin' fun that it almost NEVER seems like work when we are putting together worship or a gig. Today, as noted earlier, we did a worship pointing to God's still speaking voice in popular culture. And all I can say is: GOD DAMN these cats know how to GET DOWN! (Can I say that I LOVE these guys!)

What's more, a dear friend recorded the event so that we can begin to share it beyond the walls of our small congregation. There are a few bugs to work out... but we are starting to do some really wonderful and cutting edge worship here that opens the doors of the church to many who have felt shut out. Here's a practice tape that captures just a bit of my buds getting down!

After worship - and lots of very supportive conversations and then a kinda crazy vegetarian lunch from our garden and frig - everyone left: Jesse and Dianne (daughter and wife) headed back to New York State to get the remnants from Di's momma's stuff; Mike (son-in-law- headed back to NYC for work) and I crashed. So at the end of a really sweet day I am filled with gratitude - and overwhelmed that the RAIN finally ended, too!


Anonymous said…
You all ROCKED this morning! How awesome the whole service was. I was blessed beyond words.
RJ said…
thanks so much... I can't wait to see the tape and sort out how to share it. I was blessed.

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