I can dance...

One of the things I have missed the most since moving from the desert to this beautiful north country oasis is... dancing! As I have moaned about before, we used to go dancing to a host of kick ass bar bands back in Tucson at LEAST once a week - and often more! Rock and soul, blues and funk, the whole wild ass enchilada. And besides 300 days of sunshine, it has been the loss of dancing that has hurt.

But tonight... we found it!

Every first and third Thursday there is a DJ spinning GREAT dance tracks down town and we danced our butts off tonight to James Brown, Michael Jackson, Cameo and other soul greats. OMG it was a little bit of heaven - and right on time - as we were celebrating this old man's birthday! What's more, I have have just discovered another couple of places dedicated to dance: a real bar band place AND a new dance club opening Saturday. Blessings abound... and life has just gotten a whole lot better in the Berkshires.


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