The river flows on...

As today unfolded - a Labor Day holiday of sorts - this tune by Mason Jennings kept wandering in and out of my head. It is EXACTLY what I was writing about in my posting re: the river. He puts it like this in "Some Say I'm Not."

To look at a baby you've gotta be brave
In the black of his eye is your own grave
And something darker you wanna touch
It must be love 'cause it hurts so much

Love, love, love, love

I've been to Egypt, I've been to Rome
I was a young man when I left my home
Looking for something I couldn't find
Now I'm back where I started, it was here all the time

Time, time, time, time

Out of the darkness into the light
I had it wrong, you made it right
I had it wrong, you made it wrong
Same old story, same old song
Same old ...

Song, song, song, song

Some call me Allah, some call me Tao
Some call me Buddha, some call me now
Some call me Jesus, some call me God
Some say I'm real, some say I'm not

There is not a youtube video of this song, but go here and take a listen. (It is freakin' brilliant!)Both aesthetically and theologically, I am finding myself in this place over and over again. It feels right. Like I said to my brother on the phone as I was driving back from being with my father: "About all I really want to do for whatever days I have left is to enjoy each moment fully and be compassionate with whomever I meet."

In one of his newer tunes, "Never Knew Your Name," he sings: If the house is on fire/You’re gonna run for the door/If the door is on fire/You’re gonna kneel on the floor/You get down low/You learn to love the flame/I’ve been loving you forever, but I never knew your name.

Amen and amen.


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