More great Christmas tunes...

Ok, so in addition to Greg Lake's "I Believe in Father Christmas," two of my other all-time favorite Christmas songs are by the King: Elvis Presley doing "Santa Claus is Back in Town" and "Blue Christmas."

Now, I've already called attention to Springsteen's rendition of "Merry Christmas, Baby" so let me not forget to mention his remake of The Crystal's version of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" back in the glory days of Phil Spector.

Then the top ten list HAS to include Dave Edmund's version of the Chuck Berry classic, "Run, Run Rudolf" that just works the old riffs into total Zen bliss for me as he sings: Said Santa to a boy child, "What have you been longing for?" "All I want for Christmas is a Rock and Roll electric guitar" and away went Rudolph a whizzing like a shooting star! Oh man, ain't that the truth...?!!?

All these tunes - while totally and completely commerical - also transcend the rut and help me both laugh and want to share some good times. So, in my book, each is a cut above the usualy schlock that saturates the airwaves at this time of year.


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