Silent night - and silent day, too...

There is a wonderful man who worships with us whom I have come to love and respect. He took this picture during worship last night that really says it all for me... (thanks for sharing this, Ben.)

A number of folk said that our reflections this year - both the written ones and those experienced in worship - have helped us all go deeper. Last night was a sweet and tender encounter with tradition, innovation and simply listening to ancient/future story once again in the presence of others.

And it was also clear that many of us were aware of what we sometimes call "that great cloud of witnesses" - the communion of saints - who have passed from this life into life eternal. They surrounded us and sang with us, they comforted us and encouraged us, too, so that as a body - Christ's body - we were united with the past and the future while singing praise in the present.

So after a full night of worship - that included our children's pageant and a later lessons and carols Eucharist - Dianne and I returned home to share some red wine and speak of feeling the presence of loved ones within and among us. Tears were shed, laughter, too, and then we both realized that now that the Christmas holiday celebrations are winding down... we can let ourselves feel the colds that are coming on!

This morning Dianne was up early taking photos of the frost on the trees. We shared gifts - mostly new music for Dianne and resources about Montreal for me - and soon I will start to cook our Cornish hens. And then we will give thanks together - quietly - after a full and blessed Advent season.

Oh yeah... this year our family gift was to the work of "Kids with Cameras" (check them out @ This year they are trying to build a house for children in the red light district of Calcutta called Hope House. Our Christmas card - with a contribution to the campaign - is as follows...


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