A musical mosaic

One of the faith experiments I am taking deeper in this current phase of ministry involves a spirituality of rock music:

+ music as embodied prayer
+ music as conscious critique of a wounded world
+ music as prophetic alternative to fear/guilt/hatred
+ music as joyful and beautiful nourishment for the journey

You see, I continue to believe that God's still speaking voice is at work in culture - popular culture as much (or more) than so-called high art - sharing wisdom and challenge with us to become our best selves. It is just part of God's nature to be in communion with creation - and if our world becomes overly secular or harried, that does not mean God stops speaking - it is part of creation's rhythm.

Just ask Mickey Hart, one of the drummers for the Grateful Dead, who has discovered the spiritual connections between drumming and the pulse of life throughout the earth and its peoples. Well, over the years, I have seen how the music of our everyday lives can help us reclaim a spiritual vibrancy - an intimacy with God - if we are encouraged to make the connections. At first even my musical partners are uncertain they are qualified to talk about the spirituality of music... but as we simply consider the songs that speak to us in our various parts we all discover new insights and revelations.

So, here is the first of a series of visual/musical experiments involving band practice and conversations that I hope will become a part of the religious education broadcasting we do locally throughout the Berkshires. Ben calls this a "Musical Mosaic."


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