Odds and ends of a Sabbath afternoon...

From time to time, there are just some drop-dead funny things that come my way on YouTube. Last night, for example, we stumbled upon this skit from the outrageous TV show, In Living Color, that was so over the top in its "playing" with culture that I had to watch it again - and again.  Sure, it is rude but also incredibly creative, too.
Then there was the Jon Stewart routine following the assasination of Osama Bin Laden. I have already written about my take on this so look elsewhere for anything of great insight, ok?  Rather, Stewart's riff is on his own people - New Yorkers - who pride themselves on being tough and loving in all the right and wrong ways.  In this, he has no equal...

It would be totally unfair and incomplete to close this short note without adding what is perhaps the BEST thing I've ever seen on You Tube:  the Evolution of Dance.  Damn, if this cat can't bring it all together - and make us revel in laughter and beauty all at the same time. Thanks, brother Judson Laiply, you are a freakin' genius.

Ain't nothing but a groove-thing with lots of laughs happening this Sabbath day, my friends. Dig it... oh yeah, this dude, Tim Hawkins, makes it for me, too:  I especially love the Tom Petty part. Brilliant!


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