When the rain comes...

So worship has been cancelled for tomorrow:  the worst of the storm is supposed to hit us about 9 am.  Let's see if we lose power.  We've purchased emergency supplies, have put up sandbags around the garage, dug a trench for the expected run off, pulled out the batteries and flash lights, stocked up on wine, books and candles.  Now we will rest and be prayerful as the day breaks.

My friend, Carol, sent here prayers and started me thinking about songs... and that is always trouble, yes?  Clearly CCR starts the list with "Who Will Stop the Rain?" and "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?" but I keep singing "Rain" by the Beatles (one of my all time favorites.)

Then I think of these - what else am I missing - drop me a note, ok?  Blessings to you all as we ride this out.

+ Somewhere Over the Rainbow

+ Fire and Rain

+ Singing in the Rain

+ Listen to the Rhythm of the Falling Rain

+ I Can't Stand the Rain

+ Thunder Only Happens When Its Raining

+ Purple Rain

+ Rainy Day People and Early Mornin' Rain

+ I Can See Clearly Now

+ Ain't No Sunshine

+ Hurricane

+ Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain

+ Rainy Day Women # 12 and 35

+ Box of Rain

+ Bus Stop

+ Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again

+ Stormy Monday

+ Rhapsody in the Rain

+ Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head

+ MacArthur Park

+ A Hard Rain's a'Gonna Fall

+ Rainy Days and Mondays


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