Interfaith solidarity...

Here's something that makes a world of sense to me; it comes from the good people at Spirituality and Practice @  Here is the idea:

This an invitation to our Muslim brothers and sisters and everybody else who would like to do a practice in solidarity with them during the month of Ramadan, which starts tomorrow. We were inspired to offer this opportunity by the example of Christian teacher Brian McLaren and Muslim leader Eboo Patel who have been fasting partners during the month. In 2009, McLaren wrote of his intention: "We, as Christians, humbly seek to join Muslims in this observance of Ramadan as a God-honoring expression of peace, fellowship, and neighborliness."

The practice we are suggesting is not fasting (although many of you will fast) but reading sacred texts important in Islam and Sufism. It was during the month of Ramadan that the Qur'an, the holy book of Islam, was first revealed to the Prophet Muhammad; many Muslims read it cover to cover during the month. You may also want to focus on the wisdom of the Prophet Muhammad or of the Sufi mystic Jelaluddin Rumi.

Ramadan Mubarak!

Anyone care to join me?


Black Pete said…
One of the hardest times to do Ramadan fast is August, because of the long days. I have given it consideration myself, in fact, but am hesitant.

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