Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thinking about Thanksgiving Eve 2012...

The Beatles' sang, "It's getting better all the time..." back in the spring of 1967 ~ the summer of love ~ and it has been wafting through my thoughts this morning as I start to think about our annual Thanksgiving Eve music gig.  Each year is different, each year is sweet and each year it gets better all the time.  There have been full blown hootenannies, rock and roll soirees and variety show venues over the past 30 years ~ and I have no idea who will be in and what kind of music will dominate TGE 2012.

Some of my long-time musical buddies are in for sure and others are sorting out their schedules.  We'll have a large mixed choir, some poetry, too and there are certain to be a few surprises that pop up right before our final rehearsal.  It is, as some of you know, part revival, part Prairie Home Companion and part Seeger Sessions with a few hymns scattered throughout for good measure.

I hope if you are in town you'll come out and join the fun.  We're raising monies for the Emergency Fuel Assistance Fund of the Berkshires ~ and inter-faith commitment of compassion ~ that makes a small but important difference in the lives of some of sisters and brothers in need.  And... it is a total gas!

One thing is for certain, it will feel like we're "open all night...gonna rock this joint!"

Thanksgiving Eve

November 21st 2012

Jazz, Folk, Funk, Rock, Blues Music Benefit

Emergency Heating Fuel Assistance in Berkshires

 First Church on Park Square

27 East Street, Pittsfield, MA – 413.447.7351


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