Shadows and insecurities...

Yesterday I shouldn't have emphasized the burdens - it goes with the territory, yes?  What I should have said is that when I put together a BIG artistic production, all my insecurities and shadow stuff rises to the surface.  And when I'm really tired, like Robert Bly once said, the shitty ones talk really loud and take up all the space. So, my challenge - always - is to shut up long enough to trust God knows better than me.

A deep and long sleep helped - so did working with my tech buddies to resolve the monitor glitches (that had to be done, too) - so things rocked tonight.  "Play the gig," my man in Thunder Bay keeps saying and so we're into the groove.  Here's another taste from last year featuring Rebecca Leigh (and the whole band) on "O Happy Day."  Can this sweet Jewish lass sing gospel or what?  (Reminds me of "Walkin' in Memphis...") And then dear Andy Kelly nails "Our House" (with some musical help from his friends Dianne, Jon and Sue.)


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