Christmas eve day in the Berkshires...

Jesse, Michael and Louis arrived yesterday afternoon - and our easing into the joy of Christmas Eve has started.  We played and talked and laughed and had an early dinner.  At one point I got to share a few tunes with my grandson while his momma bounced with him and got him ready for bed.  I used to sing this to her when she was his age and I have to say that there were a few times when I was overwhelmed with joyful tears while I sang.

Now it is on to wrapping gifts and worship tonight at 5 and 11 pm. Tomorrow we head out to the kids' farm for a Christmas dinner that can't be beat. It is cold and sunny this Christmas Eve in the Berkshires and all is as it should be in our house. Here's a shot from earlier today that gets it just about right.


Phil Ewing said…
Awesome !! a wonderful photo- priceless joy !! Blessings to you and all your family this Christmas RJ.

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