Beggars to god...

This morning I said to my small congregation: "Last night before I went to
bed I had a thought - what would I want to say to you if I knew I only had one more hour to speak and share with you - what would I want to say?" Then I looked at my sermon notes and tossed them up in the air: "Well, I KNOW it wouldn't be this..." What followed came out something like:

+ With only one hour left to share I would want to tell you to LOVE those who are closest and most dear to you.  Love them and embrace them, dance with them and forgive them and build a feast together for life is so short.

+ Don't waste ANY time on those who are resistant to your love - or whose sole purpose seems only to be be a soul vampire - leave them to God. Trust that God has embraced them and will bring them what they most need. No, don't you waste any more time on them; just give your heart to those who most need your love. Who most ache for your love.

+ For if the Lord IS our shepherd, then we shall not want. God has provided for us what we need - so don't waste the love and time that has been given to us - it is all we truly possess. That's what I would want to say to you if I knew I had just one more hour to share: love one another as I have loved you as Jesus told us.

+ Remember, that when Jesus said those words he was on his knees with a towel around his neck washing the feet of those he loved the most. He knew that in a short time he would die - die a horrible and lonely death - but look what he did. He gathered those he loved the most close to him, he loved and served them, then he feasted and prayed with them - even forgave them for things that they hadn't yet done - and then he blessed them.  That's how we must live with one another, too.  Love one another as I have loved you...

I probably said one or two other things, too.  I mentioned that recently I had read some words from one of our own shepherds, John, who said that most of the time a shepherd gives a little care to his lambs, maybe frightens off a coyote or two as well but mostly shovels a whole lot of shit because that is what is needed.  But that doesn't matter because it is all grounded in love. But that was mostly it - and then I sat down. 

I was thinking all the time of Bob Franke's wonderful song "Beggars to God"Make love to each other, be free with each other, be prisoners of love til you lie in the sod; be friends to each other, forgive one another, see God in each other: be beggars to God - and after worship I can't tell you how many people were weeping.  A number made a point to tell me that this was JUST what their soul's needed to hear today.  

I didn't really know if it was communicating, but I knew I just needed to trust the Spirit completely today.  For as is so often the case, when I catch a little whisper, it is always best to trust that more will be revealed.


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