The monday evening club of pittsfield...

Tonight I hosted the men's "Monday Evening Club" of Pittsfield.  It was founded in 1869 and has maintained a tradition of education, fellowship and fraternity in the context of civil discourse.  I probably wouldn't hang with most of these guys if I hadn't been invited into the fold - and I am so glad I was. 

It seems that back in the early and cold days of winter, one of the town's leaders, Thomas Plunkett, yearned for intellectual stimulation and social interaction.  He extended an invitation to 16 other men in 1869 and the rest is history.  One of our members, Rabbi Harold Salzmann (one of the beloved saints of our town) composed this history of the Monday Evening Club. It is a gas and tonight was a lovely time surrounded by men who truly care for one another.

I arranged for some killer baguettes - prepared potato soup and turkey chili - and served up a huge chicken Caesar salad.  I found a wonderful red wine from Southern France and some great English cheeses, too.  (This group is made up of thinkers AND foodies.) So after cleaning all day (and part of yesterday, too) I lit the candles, put on some Miles Davis and let the good time role. I am grateful for this blessing in my life.

Check out Harold's words history here:


Peter said…
Lately, I have been invited to men's this and men's that, and am finding it altogether congenial, though not as sybartic as your gathering! ;)
RJ said…
Smiles... you are the MAN!

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