A sacrifice of thanksgiving...

As all too often happens when I get caught up in fretting: I didn't sleep well last night. Four hours is enough, I guess, but I feel better prepared with seven or more. But that was not to happen as I was worried about the snow, about how we would "do" our burying the Alleluia without a practice, what would the choir be like with illness and weather taking out the entire alto section and blah, blah, blah. And just to add insult to injury, my custodian called out sick today at 5:45 am meaning the parking lot would be a mess. 

But... it all worked out. It always does, yes? Volunteers got there early and did the necessary snow shoveling. Others got the coffee pot on - and then cleaned up. I had 12 volunteers help me carry out the "Alleluia" during the "burial ceremony." And the choir pulled together and sang with verve and tenderness with tenors helping altos and sections singing another part just to make sure it hung tight. It was what a faith community is supposed to be, but only sometimes is. 
And then 15 youth turned up for our after worship music discussion: we played Bruno Mars, Panic at the Disco, Phil Collins, Sara Bareilles and Priscilla Ahn. We talked about cliques and social expectations, trust and betrayal, hope and safety - and laughed at my technological awkwardness as the teens sang the words to every tune played. It was for us all a holy time. Then one very talented young woman said to me that she wanted to play me a song she's been thinking about asking to do in during worship...I can only say that I quietly sang a song of thanksgiving in my heart as she played her request.  She is so creative, bright, talented and wonderful and so very cautious about letting us see her deeper self.

After I heard the song, you can bet your last freakin' dollar I'm going to find a way to make it happen. It was an living encounter with what Psalm 50 told us in worship: unless we bring a sacrifice of thanksgiving, all the rest is shit. (Ok, it doesn't say shit, but you know what I mean.) 

After all that fretting and sleeplessness, my heart was caught up in a sacrifice of thanksgiving - and I am so grateful that today happened.


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