a bit of christmas caroling...

We went Christmas caroling this afternoon - and it was a delight. We visited one nursing home
and one private apartment with 25+ youth and adults. What a blast! I can still remember being in 9th grade myself and going out with my church to sing carols. It was a time of wonder and thanksgiving.  Bringing the songs of this season into people's homes is a special privilege as they let us into their private space. There is a unique vulnerability and respect going on that can only be experienced, not explained.  At one point during "Silent Night" there were rich layered harmonies swirling in the room, young voices mixed with seasoned choristers, and I was simply overwhelmed with gratitude. Then we returned to church for treats and more singing together. It was just a bit of heaven.

The rest of this week will be filled with writing, prayer, visitation and rehearsals for Christmas Eve. Tomorrow will mostly be given over to last minute errands and preparing for the feast as well as working on my worship notes. Thursday afternoon finds the Brooklyn family members arriving for a few days of festivities. And on Christmas Day the Massachusetts contingent joins the soiree for a feast and sharing gifts. In so many ways, this season takes the life out of me with the energy expended - and then the blessings are returned in times like our caroling. Thanks be to God.


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