cherchez le jazz...

Dianne and I are slowly constructing a new shared project involving my written reviews and her
photographs - perhaps with some interviews, too - of our favorite jazz haunts in the various cities we love. CHERCHEZ LE JAZZ will be a blog site for us to work together promoting the art we love. It will give some focus to our wanderings this year as springs ripens into summer. And, perhaps, may even turn some people on to a new venue or two off the beaten path. I will post the new site's address here when we get the template designed.

Sometime after Easter, we'll take a little personal time away from ministry to experiment with this project in Montrèal, specifically à la dièse onze jazz club (check them out @ http://www.diese onze. com/evenements.php?l=fr) It is a lively Francophone jazz bistro that celebrates excellent jazz without an attitude. In a word, it is a place to hear the best local jazz players in Montrèal in an unpretentious club with good food and drinks.. So, as the idea takes shape, I will keep you posted.


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