creating music for and with love...

Just got back from a rehearsal for this Sunday's jazz celebration - and once again I am knocked out at the love, commitment and beauty my band mates share with one another. These cats are amazing. I am going to have to rework my worship notes after this practise because the tunes are stunning.  Here's the skinny:
This Sunday, August 7, 2016 Charlie Tokarz and Jon Haddad join Carlton Maaia II and myself for a time of jazz worship: we'll lift up Monk's "Round Midnight" and 'Trane's "Affirmation" (to open and close the celebration) as well as some jazz/gospel hymns. Also, Elizabeth McCarty, Dianne De Mott and Jon Grenoble bring their vocal skills to the gathering, too: "Anthem" by Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now" during my meditation on the power of love in our world. If you can, come on down at 10:25 am..

One of the things I love - and that is the right word when it comes to making music with these people - is that it feels like a sacred family reunion.  We want to hear one another's stories. We genuinely ache to help each player do her/his best. We yearn to interact with one another - and the gathered congregation - so that what is created is a blessing. And, it is all dedicated to love - and again that is the right word. Love that heals, love that encourages, love that is patient, love that brings honor and hope. We haven't really worked together much since Good Friday - the end of March - and that's too long. So, if you are in town - or the area - come on up to the house and join the celebration.


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