sharing, arrogance and the devil's bargain...

Ever think you are finished with something - a composition, a sermon, a poem - only to discover as the week unfolds that you were only scratching the surface? I spent time putting my worship notes together this Monday - it is Cosmos Sunday in the Season of Creation - and I thought I'd made stunning progress. Thing is, however, that with more reflection on the Psalm - and more listening to Eva Cassidy's take on Joni's "Woodstock" - it became clear that I have more work to do. So, in addition to pastoral care and hospital visits tomorrow, I'll spend a few more hours exploring what it means to know that God made ALL creation out of stardust - we are interconnected - and how we betray Creation's soul through arrogance and fear - the Devil's bargain.  I'll give a little time into practicing "Woodstock" too as we'll be using it in worship. 


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