My precious, wise, creative, beautiful and generous daughter had a milestone birthday this weekend - and it fills my heart full to overflowing. She is a gifted and skilled teacher - a gracious and loving wife - a brilliant, tender, compassionate and insightful mother - besides being drop dead funny, so smart, an attentive and kind daughter and the kind of person I would want for a friend even if we weren't related. We were at Louie's birthday party in Brooklyn last weekend and the way she managed 12 three year olds blew my mind: a well-conceived schedule, great food and tons of fun for everyone involved. Adults included! I don't know how I could be so blessed but I am grateful it is true.
When she was born in Los Angeles, after her home delivery when I knew she was safe and well, I went into a small bathroom and wept as I felt the presence of the Lord in my heart. That was the day I became an adult believer. Like Job said, before I had heard but now I KNOW from the inside out. And what was true then, continues to be true for me now.


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