a little bit of heaven on earth...

It is a treasure without price to spend time with my loved ones - and I am particularly smitten with my grandson Louis. To have two sweet days in his company with his dear momma, daddy and Dianne was a little bit of heaven on earth for me. We sang and played the guitar together. We laughed uproariously (something that started when he was only three months old.) We feasted. Walked in the park to look at the daffodils. Threw snow the next morning. Visited a SoHo bookstore and bought pastries (something I used to do with his momma back in the day, too!) And rested together on the sofa watching "Thomas the Train."
If all goes well, I am likely to see this little dude graduate from college and ripen into a young man before my time here is over. I want to be able to tell him stories of when he was small. I want him to know that he has been loved beyond measure since before he was born. And I want us to savor each moment we are together as sacred. We will reconnect at the start of Holy Week on Palm/Passion Sunday. Tonight, even in the return of the bitter cold, I give thanks to God for this child and his exceptionally wise and tender parents.


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