Saturday, March 24, 2018

march for their lives...

How can I write about anything today but the massive international protests against American gun violence? It was a day of hope and tears, gratitude and challenge, bold innocence calling out entrenched greed, cynicism and ideology. Like many Americans, I wept quietly reverently watching our youth stand up against the NRA. I cheered their courage calling out political hacks who would rather shill for gun manufacturers than stand up for children. For so many of us in this bitter era, it became holy ground. A children's crusade, not orchestrated by religious zealots or mean-spirited con artists, but teens who have been directly wounded by this nation's insane addiction to weapons of mass destruction. 

And just when it was about to close, Emma Gonzalez: purity emboldened by grief, wisdom embodied beyond years, gravitas communicated beyond words. 

Maren Tirabassi later summed it up with conviction and clarity when she wrote:

It was a parade
bright with symbols of hope
and shouts of protest and praise.
Those in authority may ask
the children to be quiet.

Jesus said – if they were,
the stones would rise up
and March for their Lives.

Palm Sunday will not be the same for me tomorrow - or any of us.

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