Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Reclaiming Good Friday

Good Friday has been discarded by most of the contemporary church and ignored by the rest of society. I believe the time has come to reclaim this day of mystery and lament - so on Friday, March 21st at 7 pm we will do just that.

Using the music of Cat Power, George Harrison, U2, Over the Rhine and the Beatles, we will blend together a mystical evening of reflection on what the Cross means for our time.

There will be visual art, silence, prayer, movement, candles as well as the ancient readings of Scripture for this new/old worship encounter. If you sense the world is out of balance, if you long for solace and deep, honest grieving for the wounds of the world, if you are concerned about justice, spirituality and how real people can become a source of hope and healing within the brokenness, please join us:

FIRST CHURCH ON PARK SQUARE - 27 East Street,Pittsfield, MA
7:00 pm MARCH 21ST, 2008
Our "liturgy of the nails" will include these songs:
Satisfaction (Cat Power), Isn't it a Pity (George Harrison), Please (U2), One of Us (Joan Osborne), Changes Come (Over the Rhine) and Let It Be (Beatles) in addition to American gospel and folk tunes.
Join us for a time of radical hospitality, deep grieving for the state of the world and honest prayer grounded in God's grace.

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