The blessings of this day

As each day comes to a close, I try to find the blessings that have been shared with me - and the more I look the more abundant they become. The first was waking up to see a person I love dearly - and who loves me - what a treasure. The second was sharing the weekend with our wonderful daughter, Jesse, who lives in NYC and teaches city kids about religion, math, science and how to try to get along with one another - with a little bit of literature and fun thrown in, too. She is a treasure and always has been. She was up this weekend for Mother's Day (her fiancee was in NJ with his momma) and we just gobbled up her goodness.

Then there was worship with a GREAT congregation: we took in new members today and for our little community it was a big blessing to welcome new and creative people into the church. One young man visited with me the first week I was in town and was clearly looking for something new and challenging. As we embraced after the prayer of welcome he said, "Blessed things are starting to happen. Thanks be to God." We are beginning to get over the "survival" legacy and new folk are a clear sign that some thing new is at work within and among us.
Then our little musical band - which a lst grader has dubbed the "dynamic trio" after his favorite Batman and Robin - sang some lovely tunes and our organist played a Pentecost selection that was stunning (Pentecost is one of my favorite church celebrations and a GREAT opportunity for us to go deeper in prayer and study and service!) And when we came home from worship, our daughter had a host of special anniversary and Mother's Day gifts for us which wound up with a catfish and Cajun potato breakfast after reading the NY Times on the back porch. I tell you: life is sometimes so sweet I can't help but weep - or sing! (How do the Quakers put it: how can I keep from singing?!) Then a nap and more sunshine and springtime flowers and conversation - even some planning to get to a nephew's wedding (the son of my sister who died about this time 15 years ago.) And last night we heard that a young man we used to sing with in Tucson - the voice of Bono for us in Arizona - was present as his wife gave birth to their first son (whom I dreamt about all night!)

And now that everyone at home has gone or gone to bed, I am watching a gritty British BBC mystery and writing my blessings. Like the song we sang today put it: To you, YHWH I lift up my song, O my God. I have even heard from a fellow minister blogger in Canada who sent good words - and some good humor, too - about my Pentecost thoughts.
God is good and I am grateful. It is truly a "Beautiful Day" and I give thanks to God for all the blessings.
"What you don't have you don't need it now
What you don't know you can feel it somehow
What you don't have you don't need it now
Don't need it now... it was a beautiful day." Yes, Lord, it was: thank you.
(take a look at my boys at Live 8... so wonderful:


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