The power of small choices

Today was a potpourri of fascinating small choices that I pray added up to more compassion in this part of the planet: I visited with a man struggling to be a good dad to his small child as well as a man struggling with a body that is broken but a spirit that is strong. I also ran into an old friend in ministry who supports my quest for the Spirit in art and made contact with associates in town working on the arts revival. What's more, our little band is now committed for another night of spiritual music on Thursday at 6 pm in our candle lit sanctuary.
At the close of the day, my small class in film and spirituality made a decision to meet next week for a little feast (is any feast little?) and to bring in a picture of a small act that shows where they find hope in their life. It will become a non-verbal testimony to the movement of God's gracious Spirit within and among us. Then we closed the evening with a segment from "The Shawshank Redemption" where Morgan Freeman leaves prison only to be reunited with his old friend, Tim Robbins, in a scene that looks and feels a lot like the Prodigal Son to me.

As one woman, whose loved one is experiencing the uncertainty of health chaos, said: you have to connect the little blessings to find God in days like these. Sounds like my boy Springsteen singing, "Reason to Believe."
O God of unchangeable power, on this day of so many tragedies,
show us again that you are within and among us as Creator, Christ
and Holy Spirit. Keep us firm in this faith that we may praise your name by growing in the spirit and practice of compassion. In Christ's name we pray. Amen.


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