Every day is a winding road...

I love Sheryl Crow: she is hot, talented, funny, a great rocker, dealt with cancer and heartbreak and a friend to those who love compassion. As today unfolded, I was struck by her song about how weird life can be if you are paying attention:

I hitched a ride with a vending machine repair man
He says hes been down this road more than twice
He was high on intellectualism
I've never been there but the brochure looks nice
Jump in, lets go, lay back, enjoy the show
Everybody gets high, everybody gets low,
These are the days when anything goes
Everyday is a winding road
I get a little bit closer
Everyday is a faded sign
I get a little bit closer to feeling fine
He's got a daughter he calls easter
She was born on a tuesday night
I'm just wondering why I feel so all alone
Why I'm a stranger in my own

Yesterday was hot as sin here - but today it is heaven. This weekend I will be in Indiana with my dear daughter, Jesse, participating and celebrating my nephew's wedding. It will be a mini-family reunion as my brother, Phil, and his wife, Julie, as well as my dad will all be in attendance. The celebration with Chris is important for many reasons not the least is that he is the only child of my late sister, Linda, to still be connected to the family. His older brother, Don, is bi-polar and has disappeared from family life and his younger brother, Michael, died on the operating table at age 5 many years ago. Chris had been in prison - one of the sad by-products of my sister's death - but cleaned up his act and was released on parole so that he could be with my mother in hospice care during the last month of her life. Wild, yes? So much pain, so much death and still there is new life and hope. So, we will rejoice with Chris at this wedding and party like it was... 1999?!?

I've been living in a sea of anarchy
I've been living on coffee and nicotine
I've been wondering if all the things
I've seen were ever real, were ever really happening
Me, too, Sheryl, me, too! And then, from out of nowhere and old friend from forgotten days named Chris is in touch and... everyday is a winding road.


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