One of the greats has gone home...

Brother Bo Diddley went home today at 79. The Rolling Stones first turned me on to Bo Diddley when they did "Mona" back in 1964- and it set something afire in this white boy that hasn't been put out yet! Like the first time I heard Little Richard in 1958: oh my God! I loved the Big Man's attitude and style and wild ass rhythm - and he had a funky sexy girl guitar player, too!

Later Springsteen put together a mix and match Bo Diddly/Buddy Holly/Bossman medley that drove me crazy in 1977 when Springsteen's live shows crashed into the audience like a heavenly rock'n'roll history train wreck and revival that ended with "She's the One." (Check out: Mona - - then: She's the One -

My life was changed by this man so I pray: rest in peace, Big Man and thanks for the blessings along the way. You were one badass Road Runner. Here's a prayer from Ed Hays that I have been using whenever I hear of the death of one who has touched my life:

Blessed are you, Lord our God,
for you are the Keeper of the Book of Life.
Today I have learned of the death of Bo Diddley,
and, as this type of news always does, it comes as a shock.
We know, Lord, that we all must die,
and that You alone keep the dates of our death in your Book of Life,
but we still share the shock of death.
That news carries with it the shadow of fear,
for it is a reminder that, someday, I too shall die.
Today, then, I pray for Bo Diddley who has passed through the doorway of death - and I pray for myself, too.

I remember in my prayer the members of the Big Man's family who are surely lost in sorrow at this time.
Support them with Your Holy Spirit and grant them the courage to embrace this tragic mystery
as part of the plan of life.
May the news of this death be for me a holy message of how not to waste my todays,
how not to be unprepared for the arrival of death in my own life.
May I best remember Bo by being grateful for life today and by love You, My God, with all my heart, all my strength and all my mind.
Eternal rest to a Rock and Roll giant and divine consolation to his family.



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