Thunder Road...

Today one of my heroes, Tim Russert, was laid to rest. We just finished watching the public portion of his time of remembrance and it was too, too sweet. A big, passionate Irish man of faith who loved America, God, his family and Springsteen: what's not to love about this guy?

It is late and I have work to do - and music to share tomorrow (our little band, the Three Marys, will be playing for another downtown party in Pittsfield in the Sanctuary) - but I wanted to return thanks to God for Tim. Dianne and I feel like he helped carry us through some of the best and worst of this political season. And who can forget his hair during the days when George Bush stole the election from Al Gore? What a treasure of wisdom, hope and integrity.

Like many I was stunned and saddened by the news of his death last Friday. As our daughter, Jesse, said to me after we'd checked into the hotel (we were in Indiana for a wedding): "58 - oh Dad, that cuts too close to home!" And it does... which is one reason I am so glad the Boss made the time to sing "Thunder Road" for Russert one last time from the road in Europe. It is such a sad and hopeful song all at the same time... maybe I need to start singing it again... maybe tomorrow?


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