Saturday, October 18, 2008

At the close of the week...gratitude

One of my favorite prayers: Almighty God, give us faith to live this day not knowing where it will lead, but with the assurance that your love and guidance are with us always; through Jesus Christ we pray. Amen.

How true, yes? Who can imagine the sorrows that await us tomorrow? I was listening again to Springsteen's, "You're Missing" and it always grabs me right where I live on so many levels: the unexpected disaster of September 11th but also all the other ways we find ourselves missing those we love from illness and broken hearts to say nothing of simple distance and the necessities of work.

Same with blessings - they are too many to even number! I heard Scott Ritter this morning encourage us to stand tough and challenge the fear/war machine that has taken hold of the American imagination, I got a card from my daughter thanking us for an anniversary gift, I walked with my wife through our garden in the fall leaves and then cooked dinner with her and shared a simple but lovely meal in the warmth of our Berkshire home.

(OMG... I LOVE this freakin' song... it has SUCH passion and gratitude amidst all the toughness and attitude!)

So this week ends - and I get ready for worship tomorrow and then a little CROP walk for sustainable technology and hunger concerns - and I want to rest in the assurance that God's love and guidance are with us all always. Blessings be with you all my friends. (This last song, "Shut Up and Drive" is just too much fun: sexy and embodied and so damned catchy. It was everywhere when we were in London two summers ago and it always makes me laugh at the goodness of God's love in our real lives.)



delaferriere said...

I had never heard of that song by Bruce till now...I have to admit I'm not a huge Springsteen fact I've said many times that "anyone can be a rock star...Bruce Springsteen is proof of that" LOL ( shame on me, I know!!) But I will say that these lyrics certainly gives one something to ponder, for sure.

The art I hijacked from your site does this for me also. I want a poster sized framed copy to hang in my home...that's how much I love it.

I do have a blogspot blog just for commenting on some friends sites but my main blog is on's where I first started blogging and I guess I'm just loyal. The purpose of that blog is a spiritual practice for me…it’s simply an online gratitude journal and I think it’s cool for my kids to have a record of my gratitude now and years from now, after I’m gone. I also have a disclaimer that I’m a little slow when it comes to blog etiquette…just so you’re aware!! I’m learning!

Last but not least…my name is Kris. It’s nice to meet you RJ. I live in a northern suburb of Detroit Rock City. Married to the love of my life for the last 18 years, who also happens to be a musician…and we have two beautiful teenage daughters. I like your style and what you have to’s refreshing.

I hope your having a great day

RJ said...

Thanks, Kris, for your support and I have added your gratitude blog to my favorite list. It is too cool that you are sharing this - especially for your children. It does my heart good that my style connects... that makes me grateful.
And I totally get being married to the love of your life - me too - and I once lived in Saginaw, MI and served my first church there. I'm James (the RJ came from my old bandmates in Tucson who nicknamed me that - short for Rev. James - when I played with friends in a bar band.) I look forward to whatever comes up next... be well.

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