Thursday, July 23, 2009

Art, beauty and the pursuit of God's presence...

One of the on-going themes of my ministry - as a young person and as a maturing (most of the time) adult - is the connection between art, beauty and our encounter with God's presence. Last year, I began a series of reflections on this theme. They are now collected at:

Two thoughts come to mind in bringing these essays to your attention:

1. This is not every one's cuppa... but I still wanted to consolidate them in case you want to go deeper with some of the ideas I've been exploring.

2. This continues to be a work in progress... just like Stevie's song keeps taking on new ideas.

My hope is that these ideas evoke more conversation and insights... I look forward to your insights.
(CREDIT: "Creativity for Faith," by dreaminbox @

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