Don't forget her...

As I pray and think and live my everyday life, I continue to try to hold on to the memory and witness of Neda and so many like her all over creation. Armen Chakmakian has written a moving song/tribute to Neda that I encourage you to consider at:

Tonight our little Berkshire band, Between the Banks, got back together after a long (too long) hiatus. We haven't played together since Easter because of family deaths and illness and unemployment and so much more. It was soooo sweet to be back together. Our task, besides enjoying playing music with one another, was to select music for our July 26th worship. The theme: incarnation - how contemporary music fills in the gaps in traditional hymnody. It doesn't replace it, it just takes it deeper and makes it more real given the unique experiences of contemporary life.

And what a set list for worship we came up with: Joan Osborne's "One of Us" is a theme song so we'll start with that... then on to the Eels, "Hey Man Now You're Really Living," along with Bob Franke's "For Real," Mindy Smith's "Hard to Know" and Springsteen's "My City of Ruins." OMG.. it is so much better planning and thinking about all of this with loved sisters and brothers than trying to come up with it all by yourself. This is so much richer than I could have ever conceived.

So, after a LONG ass day, I am REALLY thankful for those who keep the faith and help us all live into our best selves. Thank you, Neda... and thank you Dianne, Jenna an Brian, too.


Black Pete said…
There is a time and place for aloneness with music, and a time and place for the community in music. May God fill your lungs and vibrate your strings, folks!
SGF said…
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