Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Great little guitar dudes...

What a sweet little band practice tonight... My two little guitar dudes - both 10 years old - are working with my other musicians on our Thanksgiving Eve gig to raise money for the Pittsfield Area Council of Congregation's emergency fuel assistance fund. We worked on "Steamroller Blues" and "Midnight Special." They were troopers - as were some of the church vocalists who are learning to rock and roll in ways the Congregational church never imagined - all to the glory of God.

We'll keep rockin' in the free world every Tuesday night to get the show into focus. And then in two weeks our guest musicians will join us to bring it all together. Very, very sweet.

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Black Pete said...

One of my delights musically this past few years is seeing ramrod-straight traditional choristers get "into the groove" and move to the music. Invariably, I feel that this was God's intention all along, and we allowed ourselves to be collectively sidetracked.

Rock the house, folks!

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