Crazy days...

Today was to be a day of rest... funny how things change!  Di had to go into work at 8 am because of a scheduling glitch - something that happens waaaaaaaaay too often - and I spent the better part of the day getting a new modem - and then getting it connected.  Crazy - something so simple has become so complicated, yes?

I was working on a few notes when the local power company guys started working on the pole outside our house.  Ok, with the power off I decided to do a few errands.  When I got back, however, the router had been blown-out (or something.) So a very nice techie from Pakistan (I assume) suggested I simply return it to the local store and start afresh.  Ok, thought I, sounds like a plan:  but the local store gave me a TON of gear and wires and splitters and all the rest. So I came home to give it a shot and the phone service was out, too.  (To add insult to injury, my cell was in the other car that Di had taken to work.)

So, when my honey came home we set out to get the Internet reconnected to our house. About an hour later my lap top - and the Ethernet connection - was still not working.  So, we spent 45 minute on-line with "Shawn" (in some undisclosed non-English speaking nation based upon our on-line chat) before he sent us over to someone else.  I got Dianne's cell phone charged enough to call the local provider and spent another 45 minutes trouble shooting the Ethernet connection.  He was GREAT - and spoke my language, too - and had the patience of JOB.  And eventually - after a few glitches - we got things working again.

So, it was a funny and crazy day.  My honey is resting before dinner - I'm cooking steak - and we'll watch a little British TV, too.  Not at all what I had hoped for on this Sabbath.  Maybe tomorrow will work out better, yes?


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