The sultry songs of springsteen...

So I'm listening to the new Springsteen CD today (whilst cleaning the house) and a few tracks really knock me out ~ but one just grabs me where I live and makes me stop and shake my ass: You've Got It.  Damn but it is a fine, fun, sexy love song... and it got me thinking about other sultry Springsteen songs that are so earthy and real.  Now, this song ain't for the faint hearted ~ or those uncomfortable with the sensual,ok ~ cuz who would have thunk that Bruce would post a pole dancer in a video?  Not me... but damn this song cooks and the closing guitar breaks screams sensuality.

Which made me think of a few other of my favorites ~ because ONE of the many reasons I groove on this guy is that he isn't afraid of good lovin ~ Bruce has consistently sung about the redemptive power he has come to know through being loved and rocked all night long. Here's a lesser known hottie from one of his 1992 solo albums:  All or Nothin At All.

And the fun keeps getting steamier, yes?  How about his tribute to his lover, friend, muse, partner in crime, music and raising a family:  Ms. Patti Scialfa off the MTV so-called Unplugged show?  He started off the gig with Red Headed Woman - one of my all time favorites - but did most of the rest of the show electric (except for a killer take on "Thunder Road.") I once did this for my own honey ~ she smiled and tolerated it ~ but she is just as hot as Patti!

Five more ~ in no particular order ~ but all are sweet.  Back in the day when the Boss was writing tunes faster than he could record them, he gave one to his old buddy, Southside Johnny of the Asbury Jukes ~ a smokin' soul song called The Fever ~ that became a staple of Southside's live shows.  But I'll be damned if Bruce doesn't nail it waaaay hotter...

My first taste of Springsteen sensuality goes back to the Born to Run album when he reworked the Bo-Didlley groove until it became She's the One.  OMG that song still grabs me with its sense of longing ~ and the musical tension keeps things unresolved until the sax wails and the feelings explode in total abandon ~ I still stop and just go deep when I hear this.

From The Rising CD is this song called The Fuse - it literally sent shivers up and down my spine the first time I heard it (and still does) - and when I saw them do it in concert, not only did I find myself weeping tears of joy but returning thanks to God for the love I share with Di. Do you have visceral reactions to music?  Do some songs blend the spiritual with the sensual for you?  Man, this song is hot...

And then two songs: from the 1987 album, Tunnel of Love, a song I want to sing with Di: Tougher than the Rest ~ and the 1992 song from the album of the same name: Human Touch.  Both of these songs are sexy, rockin' and totally a blast to perform.  I once wrote that one of the blessings of rock and roll was the way it helped us liberate the body from the fears and shame of previous generations ~ and still think this is true. To be sure, given human sin, we've pushed it to degrading and often ugly proportions.  But such is the nature of freedom: it must always be married to responsibility.

I remember this song opened the second set of the Tunnel of Love tour:  I went the first night with my family - it was my daughter's birthday present - and went back the second night by myself.  And I remember thinking, "God, this guy is totally knocked out by this girl (Patti)."  And sure as shooting, he was ~ and is ~ and his music celebrates the totality of this love.

Thanks for the blessings, Bruce and keep on rockin cuz dude: YOU'VE got it!


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