Always keep a diamond in your mind...

So many sweet things happened at church this morning...

+ One of our young guys came up to me during the "passing of the peace" and said, "Can I play the Kyrie?"  (It was a Sunday when our music man was away and I was leading the band, so I said, "Sure, we'll do it right after my announcements.")  So he sat down at the grand piano, waited for his moment and then said, "But I need the sheet music, man!"  And then he nailed it - all the blues notes, too.

+ Another young buddy joined us on ALL the guitar hymns - he just watched my hands and followed along like a pro - even when we did "Shine" and "Just Breathe."  It was a total gas to have him playing along like there's always been a spot for him in the band.

+ And after worship we spent some time talking with young families about ways to go deeper in our Sunday School ministry.  They were serious, funny, creative and committed. It did my heart good to test out new directions with these dear folks - and after Montreal we'll take it deeper, too. 

As we were leaving our young families conversation, one of the dads asked me if I had ever heard Tom Waits song, "Diamond in the Mind?"  I hadn't so he quoted me a verse that was perfect:

Oh Zerelda Samuel said she almost never prayed
Said she lost her right arm, blown off in a Pinkerton raid
Then they lashed her to a windmill with old 3-fingered Dave
Now she's 102 drinking mint juleps in the shade

Always keep a diamond in your mind...

It was a good way to head into vacation - now I'll go join a church family for some conversation and ribs and REALLY be ready to kick back!  Thanks be to God. 


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