Friday, June 29, 2012

Il ne veut pas dire une chose si elle n'est pas obtenu ce swing...

Translation:  it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing...

... and ain't that the truth! Man did we hear some swinging music today!  A cracker-jack high school swing band was playing the main stage when we finally wandered into Jazz Fest today.  OMG!  Tight, well-rehearsed, confident and full of fun.  Then this young lady got up to not only bring down the house with her take on Nina Simone, but then to jam like a pro on a Cuban-Afro jazz trumpet improvisation  with the larger band, too. Trop cool.

These kids were smokin - had to be an audition gig for them - because they totaly shut the place down with their musicality.  (After today when we get back to the US we have to bring a little Nina Simone into our jazz ensemble!)
It was Di's 50th birthday today so it was also a mellow time:  Chinese tea room, walking by the St. Lawrence river in Vieux Montreal and a lovely dinner on an outdoor terrace overlooking the festival. We wrapped up the day with the Bad Boyz Boogie band, however, who did some pretty hot Stevie Ray Vaughn covers aloong with some Texas blues. 

Without a doubt, we are in full tilt chill mode a nos vacances à Montréal... and who knows what tomorrow will bring?  NOTE: all day long I've been constructing a sabbatical study plan in my head... but that is for another day (like maybe tomorrow.) 

Today it was just too kewel for school to be a part of the celebration.  And one of the treats for me are the street artists who show up on stilts and various costumes:  dig these two who stole my imagination. Dianne goes for the sweet children dancing with their familes, but I'm crazy for the wild ones! 

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