Off to a jazz gig...

We are off to play our monthly jazz gig at Patrick's Pub - a local establishment that is fun, relaxed and sweet to us and those who enjoy the Jazz Ambassador's kind of groove.  It is a fitting close to a full and lovely week. (If you get a chance, come on down!)

What I have come to love about playing jazz - with the Ambassadors and others - is that there is a place for everybody in the house.  You have to pay attention, of course, and really listen so that you don't fight the swing, but there is a place at the table for every and all kinds of people and interests.  Brother Marsalis put it like this in his book:  Moving to Higher Ground.
Jazz insists on the undisputed sovereignty of the human being. In this technological era we can easily be fooled into believing that sophisticated machines are more important than progressive humanity. That's why art is an important barometer of identity. The arts let us know who we are in all of our glory and reveal the best of who we are... Jazz music reconciles opposites. It was created by the descendants of slaves but speaks eloquently of freedom... Jazz, you see, is the most flexible art form ever because it believes and trusts in the good taste of individuals.

It takes a chance on our decision-making skills instead of legislating our freedom... in jazz, the size of your heart and your ability to play determine your position in the band... respect and trust: these are the things jazz teaches.

So we're off - to explore trust and heart and soul and ability on the bandstand - and practice working for the common good while swinging.  It is a blessing...


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