One of the joys...

One of the joys of being on vacation with my honey is that she knows that sometimes I just have to go out and boogie.  She is very self possessed and knows her limits - and when she runs outta gas, well, that's all there is... I though I might be down for a quiet night after spending the better part of the day exploring the work of Vincent Van Gogh in a stunning exhibit.  But after a 20 minute rest, I was ready for the main course of halibut and crab at the wine bar. And after some tres mellow jazz I wanted to hear some Ontario's rock and soul, but Di was ready for bed.  So we parted way - she returned to the room and fixing her pictures - and me off to the Rainbow Room featuring Dave Sancome and Monkey Junk. 

OMG these cats were hot - this is the club I've been searching for since we left Tucson - smoking guitar players, hot shit keyboarders, over the top young vocalist and on the dime blues drummers packed into a 200 person dive.   (Funny I kept hearing a punk version of Cole Porter's "heaven... I'm in heaven" as the band cranked things up past 11.)  About 12:30 am I notice my cell phone is ringing.  And when I finally get it my honey is just wondering, "Do you have any idea what time it really is?"  (You see, when I'm in a groove all time becomes almost irrelevant.)  So I agreed to head back no later than an hour and finally rolled in by 1:30 am.

Two things:  First, I give thanks to God for being marriage with Di; we trust one another and give one another space even when I go out clubbing. It doesn't happen a lot, but it does my heart good.  And second, I always return knowing how blessed I am to come home to this woman every night.  She is the freakin' best. (My hope is that we BOTH get to head over to the Rainbow Lounge tomorrow night after 9 pm for some Ontario fried boogie cuz I know she'll love it.)

Tommorow will take us into more local exploring and checking out the neighborhoods of a very cool city.  We'll head up into Quebec for a bit, too before seeing where the Spirit beakons for the evening.


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