Almost time to chill...

Today has been good and full - interviews for our new CE position - hospital visits, checking in with staff and lots more.  Then tomorrow it is... chill time!  I am ready.  At staff meeting, I shared an idea that popped up on the Iona Community overview I am reading: Pathways for Pilgrims - Discovering the Spirituality of the Iona Community in 28 Days (by Chris King.)  In a posting re: participative worship Brian Woodcock writes:

(At a staff meeting) I happened to mention the Taize Community, where teaching and group discussion is NEVER mixed with the worship. So I wondered whether worship there was a "heart thing" in its uninterrupted flow, whereas the other elements were more to do "with the head?"  (Eventually we decided to) split our morning worship into three parts.  Worship first - readings, prayers and music - then a "time to share" - news, notices, coffee, visiting and a passing of the peace - (finally) with a time to "explore" - when the sermon or teaching or discussion would take place.

Interesting idea, yes?  I think it is worth exploring more deeply and could be a creative model for different times throughout the year.  Well, my staff and I will let this simmer and brew for a few weeks while I am away and then we'll see where the Spirit leads.  (After 3 more hours of interviews - I am toast - and ready for a break.)  This benediction from Iona sings out...

Wherever we go,
may the joy of God the gracious be with us.
Wherever we go,
may the face of Christ the kindly be with us.
Wherever we god,
may the compassion of the Spirit of grace be with us.
Wherever we go,
the presence of the Trinity around us to bless and keep us.


Philomena Ewing said…
It's lovely to see these great photos of you . Abounding energy !
RJ said…
Thanks my friend...

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