In praise of C man...

Ok so we're going to be heading out to Canada tomorrow for a little quiet away-time break before a new year of ministry and mission begins at First Church.  In addition to my sister's unexpected death this summer, we've been slowly working our way towards a new and deeper vision for Christian formation for our children and families. (I will share more about that when we hire a new director after my return from the Easter Townships next week.)

We've also been working on ways to strengthen the finances of the church and reach out with greater compassion to those most in need.  And in the midst of it all, my musical director was able to help move the rehearsals for the Berkshire Theatre Festival youth production of "Oliver" to our facility.  Not only does this bring people from the Berkshires region into Pittsfield 5 nights a week, but it also continues to ally First Church with the artistic and economic renewal that is as the heart of our town's rebirth. 

God bless you Carlton - and God bless the kids and adults in the great production! Make your plans now for the weekend of September 7-9th at the Colonial Theatre in Pittsfield.  It is going to be a total gas!  For details go to:


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