What would you say...

Here's an excerpt from one wedding homily earlier today ~ I did two ceremonies and both were sweet and sacred ~ and I give thanks to God for them both...
To you, my dear friends, thank you for listening to God’s still small voice within you – and acting upon it with integrity.  As you well know, sacred commitments are more the exception than the rule these days, right?  Why I’ve even heard some talk about “starter marriages” the way others do about real estate or cars.

So today I say thanks be to God that you both listen more carefully than many in our culture – and act more intentionally – and move through this world with compassion and grace. This is a gift you offer to the world – it is also an important foundation upon which to build a life together – and although it is way too hot for us to go into details about this gift and foundation right now…  (it was way over 90 in the Sanctuary

I am reminded of something I heard St. Dave Matthews once say to the crowd when asked:  what would you say to a love such as this? Don’t drop the big one – don’t cup my life line – and… don’t bite the mailman, right?

Did I get that the reference right?  You know I hate to butcher a holy text… and I figured you both would know and be able to give me the full quote.  After all, you've been going to Dave Matthews concerts since since 9th grade, right?  And the full quote is…?

What would you say (don't' drop the big one)
If you a monkey on a string (Don't cut my life line)
If you a doggie on a chain (Don't bite the mailman)
What would you say

Now I know this may be a stretch, but I hear St. Paul speaking through the prophet Dave Matthews and he's saying something about faith, hope and love, right?  I hear him singing:

+ You have been given a great gift in this love - trust it - nourish it - live by faith and don't drop the big one.  You also need all the help you can get - you come from a community of faith and support - so don't cut your lifeline and live into your hope.  And let's be real clear:  another St. Paul said that the love you give is equal to the love you make - so give yourselves and the world all the love you can muster - and whatever you do - DON"T bite the mailman.

+ Let's face it: like DMB, you know how to mix passion and chill - right before our very eyes we have a woman of passion and a man who is the embodiment of chill.  You bring balance to one another and compliment this marriage like a well-tuned ensemble.  And after listening to DMB for so long you know how to bring melody into your improvisation and hold it all together with a life sustaining groove.  And you aren't afraid to be genre-benders - mixing Catholic with Protestant, emotions with intellect, soul with heart and mind and so much more.

So come on:  we give thanks together today for you both because you are part of God's faith, hope and love.  Please, for the love of God:  don't drop the big one, don't cut your life-line and never, ever bite the mail man.  Now, let's share some vows, ok?

(Tomorrow I'll share a little bit from the other wedding...)


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