Creativity and joy... where nobody gets hurt!

One of my musical heroes is Bill Frisell.  We saw him play "Le Club Soda" in Montreal two years ago and I haven't been the same since. Not only is he a genre-bender is the best sense of the phrase, but he is playful, creative, inventive and challenging all at the same time.  Like he says in the movie "Icons Among Us" jazz is a chance for us all to try out what we really want and need to do in ways that are cooperative and nobody gets hurt. Can you dig that?  Playful, creative, liberating AND nobody gets hurt!?!

Tomorrow I bring the upright bass back home for a season of working on the tone and some serious practicing. Something deep is brewing within me - something rich and playful but equally passionate and out of the box, too - so I sense that now is the time to get ready. Like the Master makes clear: it is time to come together!
"There's SO much music out there," he says, "so many possibilities." And he is one cat who invites us all to explore what brings us joy and hope in ways where NOBODY gets hurt.


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