Des moments comme ceux-ci revivre mon âme ...

Yesterday was filled with walking - another of the many joys I experience when we come to Montreal. Not only is this city filled with fascinating people, but the boulevards are beautiful and the shops are stunning (most of the time.) And wandering around the Festival of Jazz at any time of day or night is just too kewel for school.

Our day began at Marché Jean-Talon: our favorite gathering spot where farmers truck in fresh produce almost every day and various other merchants offer incredible cheese and bread.I got in a bit of jazz dancing with my little man avant le petit déjeuner and that set the tone for a sweet, sweet day. And after crepes avec pommes, jabon et frommage it was off to the Place-des-Art and some people watching.

The band that grabbed us was a wild ensemble called the Lemon Bucket Orkestra (check them out here: are truly a guerrilla folk ensemble playing Roma-like music in a style that encourages dancing, acrobatics and lots of improvisation. Even the blistering sun didn't keep us from being a part of their parade around the Festival site. Then it was inside one of the underground malls for iced chai, air-conditioning and a chance to watch a new performance  for children.
One of the truly creative things the Montreal Jazz Festival does with increasing frequency is find ways to both entertain and educate children. There is a HUGE play area in the center of the Festival, but there are also 2-3 well done music/rhythm events geared towards teaching children of all ages the history and message of jazz creativity. Even before I became grand-père music education for young people was dear to my heart - and now that my little man Louie LOVES to dance and clap and shake his bootie, I am thrilled whenever we come upon musicians who obviously love their art AND the children who are drawn to them light moths to a flame.

The night came to a close with the kids treating Di to a special and unplanned birthday dinner in the Mont Royal section of town. As we strolled back in the cool evening breeze it was clear that we were both grateful to be loved and have the chance to share that love with our family in our deep albeit broken ways. These times are among the most tender I have known.

Today is Di's actual birthday and we're going to see our first "big" show later tonight:orchestre d'hommes-orchestres doing the music of Kurt Weill. We'll have an early supper with the family again - check out La Petite Ecole du Jazz, too - and then crash a free Diana Krall show to close things out as the kids head back to MA for part two of their family vacation. 

These times renew my soul.


Peter said…
Bonne fete, Dianne!!
RJ said…
Merci, Peter. You were in my prayers ALL day.

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