Ok, this is REAL sentimental...

On Saturday, my daughter is getting married. He is a wonderful man and they are very happy together. It fills my heart with joy to see them share life and love and labor together on their farm.  It is, however, always a little melancholic to watch your beloved children mature - not because I begrudge them one iota of blessing - but rather because it is yet one more sign that life is moving so swiftly.
This daughter has always been FULL of life - big feelings, both up and down - and tons of insight far beyond her years. I wasn't always fully aware what she needed when she was small - and made more than my share of mistakes as she grew into adolescence, too - it was often a hard time given my divorce and so many other changes in our lives. But I remained grateful to God that she was part of my life even when I didn't understand exactly what she needed.
Later, as she spread her wings and embraced country living, journalism and grad school - and also journeyed through her own dark times - I found myself growing quietly closer to her in ways that I still can't fully name. She has been close to my heart since the moment she was born.  In some ways, we share the blessing and curse of big feelings. She is creative, beautiful, incredibly funny and swears with more verve than anyone I know. What's more, she is gentle, a brilliant writer and photographer and a person who is kind and a source of blessing to all who know her.
For the past few years she and her beloved have been making a go of it on their small farm - and now they are going to be married. I give thanks to God that he is a part of her life. I give thanks that they are both a part of mine. I give thanks that she is such a generous auntie.  And I give thanks to God that she has been blessed with a deep and nourishing love. So even though this is REAL sentimental: Congratulations, dear daughter, my prayers are with you always.


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