Thursday, June 26, 2014

Today we settled into a gentle groove...

When my meetings were done yesterday - and our friends picked up Lucie in
mid-morning - Di and I decided to head out of Dodge 12 hours earlier than planned. She scoped out a budget lodging in Brattleboro and after Eucharist (and some packing) we headed for North Country. There was an horrendous rain storm halfway into this trek that was unnerving. But by the time we arrived at the Tibetan Buddhist Motel on Route 7 in South Brattleboro, Va all was well with the world.

How to describe that lodging.  Well, modest is a good start: it was clean and basic, safe and um... that's about it. But who doesn't want to support creative and enterprising refugees from Tibet?So after a stunning dinner at a locovare eatery, we crashed early and enjoyed being frugal. With the sun threatening to break through the haze, we wandered around Brattleboro for the better part of the morning. Given the blessings of smart phone technology, we found the best "home cooked diner breakfast" in town.

And as we were chilling to omelettes, hash and caffeine a 40 something mom and her 18ish son sat next to us. After they ordered the "big boy" - two of everything on the breakfast menu - we couldn't help but start a conversation. And what do you know: this dude is a rock and roll, indie band drummer who is leaving today for a 30 day road trip of the Northeast! Hot damn! We had a great old time talking jazz, early influences and the joys and sorrows of living in a van with four other band members. Check him out at: http://dionysia.

We made it into Montreal by early afternoon and I have to say that this place feels like home. We've been taking a small flat in the are of March Jean Talon for the past few years and I just love the gentle groove of this place. In due time we made it down to the Place des Arts where the Jazz Festival is just getting underway. After my second ever bison burger, we sat by the main bandstand and watched the Montrealers get ready for the biggest festival of the summer. 

Tomorrow our dear daughter, son in law and grandson arrive and it will be more of the gentle jazz groove. What's more, we're going to celebrate both of our birthdays here next week (an annual tradition.) And just to add icing to the cake, I got word tonight that our first pick to cover my sabbatical next year told the sabbatical committee that he would be thrilled to cover for me.

So, like is sweet in our little part of the world right now. I give thanks to God for the blessings and for the chance to step back from the fullness of ministry. More soon.

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