Thanksgiving Eve 2014 is coming...

Playing songs with some of my favorite musician friends has become one of the most sacred experiences of my life. Every year for the past 33 years there has been one incarnation or another of this gig in every church I've served. We started in Saginaw, moved on to Cleveland, spent 10 years in Tucson and I am now doing my 8th show in Pittsfield. Each of the bands that have grounded these concerts over the years have taken up residence in my heart: the individuals are often still part of my prayers and the fun we created together has been a taste of heaven. My current band mates - and those who have joined the show over the past 7 years - are incredibly dear to me and I actually ache to share making music with them.

This year we'll have all of the goodness of the past, plus a twist. In addition to the 16 people joining me on stage for this year's show, we are going to welcome a local Southern Gospel chorus to the celebration - and they're bringing 30 people plus their own horn section! What a gas! And while I have no idea how this will all mix once we get cookin' next Wednesday night @ 7 pm, I trust it will be sweet. I have three hopes for this year's Thanksgiving Eve show:

+ First, I want it to be beautiful and fun. We have a wide selection of songs this year - and some very creative artists - so we'll be mixing rock and roll up with folk songs, jazz, indie rock and some wild improvisation, too.

+ Second, I want to raise some serious money for our emergency fuel assistance fund. It is cold in these parts in the winter - cold, damp and raw - and if we can keep some people warm after they've run out of options, we'll be turning our prayers and dreams into deeds.

+ And third, I want to celebrate the power of music in bringing people together for the common good. It is so easy to become cynical or despondent these days. It is hard to stay in that deadening space, however, when you are laughing and singing with other people. Americans don't have many opportunities to sing with one another any more so we're doing our part to keep the dream alive.
If you are in the area - or close by - why not stop in at 7 pm on Wednesday, November 26th and we'll all have a great time. This is part family reunion, part progressive revival, part hymn-sing and part celebration of all that is good, beautiful and true. I can't wait. 


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