More very ordinary things...

For the next 6 weeks, most Thursdays will be devoted to getting the
ordinary things ready for our sabbatical. Things like basement floors and bills, dog files and car rentals, sorting out clothes and piles of "stuff" that have been collecting in my recent cleaning binge. Yesterday was consumed with an unplanned garage/basement wash as the glorious sun sent melted snow and ice inside in such abundance that we were overwhelmed. Thank God for my sexton at church, David, who got me set-up with a shop-vac and utility pump. He literally and figuratively bailed us out.

Later I was able to go online and get some Montreal Jazz Fest tickets including:  Joshua Redman w/Bad Plus, Bebel Gilberto and Madeline Peyroux. In many ways this sojourn can't come soon enough. At the same time I am keenly aware of all the little things that still need attention. I love the drill of sorting and cleaning - Di tells me this is where our gender fluidity is exposed in spades - so I am off to attend to the this realm with relish.

Now that I have finally finished my writing/study for Sunday, today will be given over to sorting out the basement. I've been told that every home has a room or place where shit is put en route to someplace else. That would be our basement. I've also been told that such "shit holes" should be addressed from time to time, so today is that day for me. I have shelving to assemble, record albums to move, tons of assorted junk to toss and who knows what else? I don't think it has been cleaned in a few years...

Last night before calling it a day, Di took this photo of the Buddha that sits atop a book shelf in my study. It comes from Tibet and once belonged to my grandmother and then my father. I have loved it since I was a child.


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